Altamonte Springs Pool Renovations

Pool Renovation in Altamonte Springs

Is your Altamonte Springs pool peeling and cracked? Are you looking to upgrade the look of an old pool on a new property? Solara Pools LLC pool renovation experts provide unique design ideas that make remodelling your pool practical as well as creative.

Pool Resurfacing


Restore beauty to a worn out pool with the latest remodeling techniques that combine practical function with spectacular form. Depending on the age of your pool, resurfacing is the perfect time to go from drab to elegant with the latest colors and textures that also offer long-lasting results. Refinishing your pool also makes maintenance easier by limiting rust spots and algae growth. Today’s advanced pool finishing materials allow for more improved chemical effectiveness that extends the lifespan of your pool.

Water Features


The addition of a waterfall, water curtain or fountain feature has the power to transform an ordinary pool into an extraordinary backyard oasis. Relatively easy to install and available in limitless style options to suit a range of budgets, Solara Pools LLC offers customized water features for any pool. Whether you want to keep it simple or sophisticated, let your imagination be your guide when creating your own swimming sanctuary with the help of our Altamonte Springs pool remodeling specialists.



Update the look of your pool in Altamonte Springs with decorative tile in limitless shapes, colors and sizes. Choose stone for a natural and warm look that can be blended to match patio and deck materials. Slip-resistant and long-lasting, Solara Pools LLC offers the most popular designs in limestone, sandstone, bluestone and more.


Pebble Surfacing


This finish offers superior stain resistance and is available in a vast array of texture and color combinations. Solara Pools LLC pool professionals offer practical recommendations for selecting pebble aggregate finishes that can be customized to your environment and level of pool usage.

Ceramic and Porcelain


A long-standing traditional choice for pool finishing, ceramic tiles are available in distinctive designs. Choose from mosaic or textured porcelain according to your backyard theme and landscape. Skilled Solara Pools LLC pool remodelers can create a mix of ceramic, glass and stone that balance color, texture and detail.

LED Lighting


The most practical pool remodelling option that offers the most striking results—energy efficient LED lighting can boost evening entertaining and create an elegant and romantic poolside ambience. Bask in the glow of the latest pool lighting technology with a large assortment of colors and configurations.


Plaster Pool Finishes


Rejuvenate your pool with our most affordable option. Solara Pools LLC’s standard refinishing plaster combines cement with limestone or sand that creates a durable solid base applied with a multi-layering process.

Quartz Finish


A quartz plaster surface will literally make your pool sparkle. Highly durable, non-porous and slightly more expensive, a quartz pool finish is available in a variety of dazzling colors.

Tanning Ledges & Beach Entry


A perfect poolside hotspot, our customized tanning ledges and beach entry installations offer the ideal shallow water depth for soaking up the sun and keeping young children safe.


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